Shunter, leaders in rolling stock maintenance.
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Railway-undertakings (Freight)

Shunter was established shortly after the deregulation of the Dutch railway equipment market, as an innovative new alternative to the established maintenance company owned by the Dutch state. The company became the market leader in locomotive maintenance thanks to its extensive knowledge of – and ongoing close involvement in – the Dutch railway market. We also provide a variety of alternatives for the recovery and overhaul of freight wagons.

Indeed, freight transport companies regard Shunter as the perfect maintenance company, as we are able to perform all maintenance work and repair thanks to our detailed knowledge, equipment and large number of certifications. They find that we are the one-stop-shop they are looking for.

By constantly improving our internal processes and by looking for interaction with users and the equipment itself, we can achieve the optimum RAMS standard for freight trains.

How can Shunter support you?

If you are a rail transport company or leasing company and would like to know how Shunter can support you, please feel free to contact us without obligation at any time.

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