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Shunter > Products and Services > Management and Development of Maintenance Concepts

Management and Development of Maintenance Concepts

A key part of the maintenance need and operational safety of rolling stock is generally determined by a vehicle’s design, while the remaining part can be affected by either the user and the party responsible for maintenance. In some cases, it may be useful to modify the maintenance concept (ECM Function 2). Shunter also provides support in the management and development of maintenance concepts.

Design of Maintenance Concepts

Shunter has received maintenance concepts from a variety of customers. In managing these concepts, we take into account the level of availability required by the customer, as well as the necessary reliability and safety. If required, we can convert maintenance plans prescribed into maintenance plans in line with train circulation. We refer to this model as the ‘pit-stop model’.

Optimising Maintenance Concepts

Once the equipment is a little older, the instructions applicable at the time when the equipment was constructed tend to be outdated. Based on maintenance research, Shunter is able to redesign or optimise your maintenance concepts. As part of this latter process, we use empirical data, statistical methods with user data, and the RAMS behaviour required. This is how we ensure a higher degree of availability and reliability, enabling you to use your equipment in a more cost-effective way.

Management of Maintenance Concepts

Management constitutes another important part of the maintenance requirement. In fact, Shunter operates its own specialised maintenance management system for this purpose, called Maximo. We can design a breakdown structure with various numbered key components for each engine, equipped with individual counting devices. This allows us to easily monitor locomotives for more than 50 time periods and also brings other processes – including timely cost scheduling, withdrawal and the supply of parts and components – within easy reach.

How can Shunter support you in managing and designing your maintenance concepts?

If you would like to know how to make your maintenance concepts more efficient or if you would like to receive support in managing these concepts, please feel free to contact us to discuss the options available for your business.

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