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Leasing and Logistics

Rental of Line-Haul locomotives

Lease of Shunting locomotives

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Leasing and Logistics of various types of locomotives

Do you require an locomotive for shunting processes or are you looking for a temporary solution while your locomotive is in for maintenance? We provide a lease fleet of approximately 30 locomotives; these locomotives can be used in the most common situations involving shunting locomotives and other transport situations.

Shunter can provide a suitable locomotive for virtually any shunting scenario. You can lease our shunting locomotives, which are light and easy to operate, at a very competitive rate. These locomotives provide a shunting solution up to roughly 700 tonnes of train weight (based on a flat track). We also provide more powerfull locomotives (known as the 600 series), which can transport trains with a weight of up to 4,000 tonnes. Alternatively, you can choose from two different types of line diesels of the BR203 model, one of which is also equipped with the ETCS European safety system and which you can also use on the Betuwelijn freight transport corridor in the Netherlands. If you require more sophisticated equipment,
Shunter also provides locomotives equipped with a particle filter for use in tunnels, or operated by a remote control systems.

Quickly On-Site

If you find yourself with an emergency on your hands, we can make sure the lighter locomotives are on-site within just 12 hours. After some short instructions from our trainer, you can start using them immediately.

Where are the lease locomotives admitted?

The locomotives available for lease are subject to various criteria for admission. While some locomotives are permitted only on industrial estates, behind the gate, the majority of Shunter’s locomotives are admitted in the public railway network. The lighter locomotives we offer are not guaranteed to be detected, which means they cannot automatically drive through the tracks protected by the railway circuit. This restriction does not apply to the heavy locomotives of the 600 series. The BR203-model locomotives are admitted in the public railway network in both the Netherlands and Germany.


Needless to say, all our locomotives are in an excellent state of maintenance. In the unlikely event that you do happen to encounter a technical problem, our maintenance staff will make their way to your site right away to resolve the issue.

Would you like to know what leasing options are best for you?

If you would like to know what leasing options are most appropriate for your particular transport-related challenge, please feel free to contact us to discuss the options available for your business.

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