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Our goal is to carry out all of the processes that are required to continually provide all clients with sufficient availability of railbound vehicles. 

Since 2003, Shunter has been the preferred supplier for servicing rolling stock for many railway undertakings and leasing companies, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Shunter is the market leader in the Netherlands for planned maintenance, repair and overhaul of freight locomotives and -wagons, both in her own workshop and on location. A team of more than 120 employees in Rotterdam with broad specialist knowledge and extensive experience is available each day to guarantee a very high level of quality and service to customers who find this to be just as important as Shunter. 

The organisation is set up based on efficient and effective business processes in which continuous improvement forms the second primary process. Among other things, Shunter does this by continually investing in the competencies of its employees, but also by developing and using innovative technologies.

In addition to skilled staff, Shunter also holds all important certifications and works with modern methods and technologies. In that way, she can serve you optimally in all areas of the management and maintenance of your rolling stock.

Are you looking for a challenging job at a technology company where they put a very high priority on your development? If so, then Shunter is the organisation for your next career step






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