Shunter WELDING EN15085, Shunter DIN27101-Non-Destructive TESTING

Shunter has extensive experience in the repair of all types of damage to various types of railway equipment. To do that, a permanent specialised team of engineers, construction fitters, certified welders, NDT testers and electronics technicians are ready to carry out the repair for you as quickly as possible. Shunter manages and carries out damage repair from A to Z. From setting up the chassis to the spraying and from a detailed damage assessment and operability declaration to the test drive and release.

Shunter is certified by the Dutch Environment and Transportation Inspectorate for impact damage repair and certified welding according to EN15085 to all types of hulls and other parts of railbound vehicles. They are also certified for carrying out Non-Destructive Testing (according to DIN27101-7) by means of visual, magnetic and ultrasonic checks

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