Shunter freightwagon maintenance

Each year, Shunter carries out maintenance, repair and overhaul work on more than 1,000 freight wagons (ECM Function 4). These are widely varying activities, such as:

Shunter’s workshop is located in the heart of the freight transport sector: Rotterdam. This workshop is DB, VPI and ECM Function 4 certified amongst others. Welding is carried out according to EN15085. The workshop is equipped with a spray cabin, overhead cranes and equipment for measuring the axle load.

When needed it is possible that Shunter collects and delivers rolling stock  from and to any location in the Netherlands and, in case of damages, will assist in making rolling stock ready for transportation.

Shunter also offers mobile service, so that wagons require little or no transport for the purpose of repair. This saves the costst of backup wagons, railway sidings and transport. Shunter focuses on being able to carry out nearly all standard maintenance and repair activities, on location, in an environmentally responsible way. With its fully equipped service wagons and mobile workshop, she can carry out repairs on the spot, including changing wheel sets and pneumatic brake components. The mobile unit is equipped to carry out full brake tests on location by means of the required calibrated test apparatus.

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