Delivering consistent quality is extremely important to Shunter. Shunter is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and she has various European and National accreditations. Specifically, rail vehicles must comply with an extensive set of National and European admission and maintenance requirements to be able to guarantee safety on the rails.

The party responsible for the maintenance (also referred to as the ECM) must ensure that the vehicle continues to satisfy these admission requirements. Shunter is able to translate the requirements specified by the various governments and the ECM into a high-quality and efficient implementation of the necessary maintenance activities.

In February 2009, Shunter became one of the few equipment maintenance companies in the Netherlands to receive an EN15085 certificate ‘welding of railway vehicles and components’. This standard not only sets requirements for the quality of the welding itself, but also for the entire organisation, the processes and the qualifications of operational and coordinating staff.


Although this qualification is not (yet) required in the international legislation and regulations, Shunter believes that this is an essential part of its quality assurance system.


Together with clients and based on legislation and standards, Shunter determines how the safety of the rolling stock must be safeguarded. Shunter always maintains a minimum standard for this that she does not want to score below. Effective and prompt performance of maintenance, repair and overhaul is necessary to be able to achieve this. Every day, the carriages, trains and locomotives come into the Shunter workshops and are subjected to thorough checks and inspections that ensure that they leave the workshop in a properly functioning and safe condition.  

At Shunter, working safely is a precondition to be able to carry out this work effectively. Shunter considers it very important that all employees and (sub)contractors return home safely after work, each and every day. One of the ways to achieve this is to give all employees and (sub)contractors  a safety training before they are allowed to start work.  Additional internal and external training courses also contribute to safety. All resources are continuously monitored and periodically inspected to establish that they are still in good condition. On top of that, Shunter strives to follow the rules and instructions that are issued by the various agencies responsible for the safety  in the railway-sector as closely as possible. 

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Shunter also places a high priority on caring for the environment. She is aware of her responsibility when it comes to the impact of human activities on our living environment. Approximately 25% of the fossil fuels that we use in the world goes towards transport. Rail transport scores most favourably when it comes to other transport modalities in areas such as safety, CO2 emissions, space and particulate emissions. Still, Shunter believes that this can be done even better and, for example, her engineers are working on solutions to reduce the fuel consumption of locomotives. In addition, she also has an eye for sustainability and searches for suppliers that believe in a green, circular economy.



Shunter sees it as her task to contribute to high-quality, safe and affordable rail transport by means of efficient and effective maintenance. She does this by means of certified programmes and methodologies such as Lean6Sigma, 6P and Scrum. In that way, Shunter helps her clients with strengthening their competitive position on the European transport market and contribute to reducing the total footprint of transport.




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