shunter locomotive maintenance

More than 120 operational locomotives are currently structurally maintained by Shunter, with Shunter being the entity in charge of maintenance. In addition, several hundreds of locomotives roll into the workshop each year for repairs or maintenance, whilst other parties play a managing role in the maintenance. Shunter can carry out any maintenance and repair work (ECM Function 4) you require at the Rotterdam Waalhaven workshop location.

This can also include, e.g.:

  • Conducting preventive maintenance

  • Carrying out repair work, both in the workshop and on location

  • Reprofiling wheel sets, both in installed condition and individual wheel sets

  • Maintenance and setup of train protection- and communication systems, including ATB EG Phase 2, 3 and 4, ATB-E, ATB-NG, PZB, LZB, SHP, TBL1+, MEMOR, ZUB, SCMT, MIREL, ETCS and GSM-R.

  • Maintenance and repair of radiocontrol units

  • Component repair

  • Main component repair

  • Container repair

  • Non-Destructive Testing (according to DIN27101-7) by means of visual, magnetic and ultrasonic checks

  • Development, installation and management of remote monitoring and diagnosis systems

  • Paint work in our own spray booth

An unnecessarily stationary locomotive costs a great deal of money. Through years of knowledge and experience with complete maintenance of freight stock, Shunter arranges the maintenance activities so that you have minimum downtime. Shunter also has specific resources and advanced measurement and testing equipment to carry out the maintenance quickly and effectively.

To carry out maintenance, Shunter works with five levels. These are:

  • Level 1: Daily checks

  • Level 2: Minor maintenance and mobile service

  • Level 3: Major maintenance

  • Level 4: Damage repair and overhauls

  • Level 5: Modifications, very extensive damage repair and upgrades


Shunter can carry out level 1 and 2 on location. In the workshop, they carry out level 1 through 5, with level 2 and 3 maintenance work being carried out at the Albert Plesmanweg location in Rotterdam, and level 4 and 5 maintenance work being carried out at the Blindeweg location.


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Postbus 5185

3008 AD  Rotterdam

Post to Shunter exclusivley via mailbox !


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+31 (0)10 492 89 00

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