Maintenance planning (ECM3) sHUNTER

When the maintenance concept is developed, in accordance with guideline 2004/49/EG and the ECM REGULATION (EU) No. 445/2011, the maintenance planning must be carried out in a controlled way.


Once you have submitted the configuration, usage performance and maintenance status of the equipment to Shunter, they will enter this information into their maintenance management system, Maximo. As a result, you only have to provide the usage performance periodically. It is even possible to have this too carried out automatically by means of a telemetry system. Based on this information, Shunter prepares the preventive maintenance schedule and they handle the monitoring and organisation of the necessary maintenance. When doing this, Shunter always bears in mind the opportunity to maintain on both the user side and the workshop side, and maintenance packages are clustered in a smart way to minimise the downtime.


In addition to the preventive maintenance, Shunter also monitors the implementation and quality of the corrective repair carried out for you. After the various preventive and corrective maintenance actions are carried out according to the maintenance concept, Shunter can handle the release of the equipment to various users concerned. The maintenance activities carried out will partially be automatically generated and transferred to you periodically. It is also possible to view this information online.

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