Shunter can also carry out substantial overhauls and modifications of various types of railway equipment for you.  Shunter welcomes not only standard rail vehicles, but also special vehicles, such as railgrinders, inspection vehicles and other track-maintenance machines.

You can also entrust Shunter with modifications to your existing equipment, such as installing ETCS  or STM ATB/PZB/TBL1+ safety systems, automatic journey registration, air conditioning, profile modification or other new functionalities. In addition to installing the system according to your design, Shunter, together with our engineering department, can also carry out the entire design for you.


These construction changes are also elaborated based on the EN 50126 standard. This standard describes a design method geared towards the railway. With this method, the entire ‘life cycle’ of a product is reviewed, as a result of which, the focus during the design stage can be on maximum performance and quality. The engineers have modern tools, including Autodesk software.


Mechanical components are designed in 3D, as a result of which it not only becomes visible what the product will look like at an early stage, but it can also quickly be assessed whether the product will fit in the existing equipment. Additionally, simulations can be carried out quickly, including strength analyses.

For the admission, a construction file will be prepared, which can be assessed by both the Environment and Transport Inspectorate (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) and a Notified Body.

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