Shunter has a rental fleet of approximately 30 locomotives. These locomotives can be used in the most common shunting and transport situations.

Shunter has a suitable locomotive for practically every shunting situation. You can rent light and easy-to-operate shunting locomotives at an extremely attractive rate. These locomotives offer a shunting solution up to an approx. 700-tonne train weight (flat track). She also offers heavier locomotives for rent (600 series). These locomotives can move trains of up to 4,000 tonnes.

Additionally, you can choose from two line-haul diesels (type BR203). One of these diesels is also equipped with the new European safety system ETCS, enabling you to operate this locomotive on lines with ERTMS Level 1 and 2.

Do you have an emergency? The lighter locomotives in particular can be delivered quickly to the desired location. After a brief instruction by Shunter’s trainer, you can use them immediately.

Various admission regimes apply for the rental locomotives. Some locomotives are permitted exclusively ‘behind the gates’ at industrial estates. However, the majority of the Shunter locomotives is permitted on the public rail network. Detection on the light locomotives cannot be guaranteed, as a result of which they cannot simply ride on the track-circuited lines. This does not apply for the 600-series heavy locomotives. The BR203-Class locomotives are permitted on the public rail network both in the Netherlands and in Germany.


Has your locomotive or wagon broken down somewhere in the Netherlands and would you like to have the equipment transferred to the workshop? Shunter can do this independently and under her own certification. For transfers from the Waalhaven yard to the workshops, Shunter operates her own shunting service. This service is available during the opening hours of the workshop.

After repairs are carried out it is often desirable to perform a test run, Shunter can perform this for you and simulate various conditions.

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