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Shunter sees suppliers as its partners. For that reason, Shunter expects not only quality at a reasonable price, but also (delivery) reliability and a green, sustainable future perspective.

Shunter demands the highest quality from its own organisation and therefore also of its suppliers. Only by delivering quality can they guarantee that the rolling equipment of its clients meets the highest requirements with regard to safety, reliability and availability. They expect their suppliers to respect their values and that they will help propagate these values. Doing what you believe in, working safely and a good product are an essential part of this.

In addition to accountability in the areas of quality and conduct, Shunter expects its suppliers to think about how their product is created and can be maintained. Sustainable products that are reusable are preferable, because the service life of these products is often longer and these products have less of an impact on our living environment. Sustainable and affordable are an important balance for Shunter.

For these reasons, Shunter is highly selective in entering into a partnership with a supplier. It is important for Shunter that there is a good match with their own organisation. Shunter chooses its suppliers based on the aforementioned criteria among other things and therefore also approaches these suppliers itself.  

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