Wheel sets are the most heavily loaded components of a railway vehicle. High axle loads, speeds, vibrations and severe weather conditions make them sensitive to damage and wear. Damage to bearings also poses a major safety risk; in case of a defect in the wheel set, there is a good chance that a train will derail. Good maintenance is therefore essential. In Rotterdam, Shunter has all of the resources to carry out this maintenance, such as NDO research equipment and a wheel lathe to reprofile wheel sets.


With this wheel lathe, Shunter can reprofile your wheel sets of any rolling stock with a track gauge of 1435 mm. In addition to the wheel profile, they can process brake discs whether mounted on the wheels or the axle shaft. You can come to Shunter for special wheel sets, for example, with inside axlebearings. As you can expect from a market leader, the reprofiling of wheel sets is certified according to DB (IS-U) and IL&T and others.


In addition to reprofiling, Shunter also offers additional testing, such as Non-Destructive Testing (according to DIN27101-7) by means of visual, magnetic and ultrasonic checks of a UIC512 resistance measurement. In that way, you maintain an optimal grip on the safety and usability of your equipment.

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