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The safety of our employees has a high priority for us. Each day, we work on determining how the production can be  executed in the safest possible way.


As part of this, for example, wearing safety shoes, providing information by means of training/discussions and wearing a safety harness at height are important elements.


Working safely is something we do together and therefore we believe that it is very important that everyone identifies and reports improvement opportunities.


We find the safety, effective working and development of our employees to be very important. Shunter therefore works with the inverted pyramid. We ensure that the maintenance of locomotives and wagons can be carried out with full knowledge and expertise.

Cooperation and delivering the highest possible quality is very important to us.


The interests of our client are the central focus of our work, and in this way unnecessary actions that do not offer added value  have to be avoided.


To achieve this, for example, there are continuous improvement teams that work on a specific project to bring the organisation to an ever-higher level.


We believe  in a sustainable relationship with our employees. Shunter therefore is always on the lookout for the employee’s long-term development.


For each new employee, we create a familiarisation programme and a development programme to which important training courses and certifications will be connected. If an employee wants to invest in himself or herself by completing specific training courses, we are happy to support this.


This can lead to specialist training courses or a multiyear midlevel (MBO or HBO) education to achieve the design education, work and intellectual level that contributes to the desired development of Shunter.





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Are you looking for a challenging job at a technology company where they put a very high priority on your development? If so, then Shunter is the organisation for your next career step. Since 2003, we have been a leading company  for maintenance and overhaul of railway rolling stock  in the Netherlands.


We are always looking for new  colleagues who wish to work in a closely-knitted team , feel responsible for their work and want to deliver the best product/service to the customer. If the core values of safety, development, flexibility and working effectively are also important values for you, then we look forward to receiving your application!

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